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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Beginning

In order to properly tell the story of my mission, I must start from the beginning. On March 12, 2014, exactly one month ago, I sat in my living room, surrounded by my family and two best friends. I had a huge white envelope in my hands. I ripped open the envelope and read.

Dear Sister McGuire,
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Mission.

The room erupted in cheers. It was probably the craziest moment of my life. I am so very grateful for my call to serve the Lord and His children in Pennsylvania. I know that this is going to be the hardest and most rewarding 18 months of my life. I am so grateful for my family who has supported me without fail. I am also grateful for my Mother who has shown me how to love and to care for people with no expectation of reward or thanks. I am thankful for my Father for teaching me the gospel and teaching me to stay true to my standards, no matter what. I love them.

So, here goes nothin!

"I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord"