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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snowy Week!!

Dear Family!

Hope you all had a great week! I did too!
Just like you said Mom, Each day is a new adventure. And we have had
plenty of adventures this week!
The weather has been crazy! I warmed up and everything melted out
here. I didn't even wear a coat for two days! But, then on Friday the
temperature dropped again. Saturday was dreary and cold and that night
it Snowed and Snowed. I haven't see that much snow since we left Utah!
We got 4 solid inches of snow. Because of that Church was cancelled
yesterday. We were so disappointed! I really missed having church.
But, we carried on! Since we didn't have many appointments, we threw
two shovels in the back of our car and we spent the day digging
everyone out. One guy had even got himself buried in a huge snow bank,
but we dug him out and sent him on his way. It's incredible what two
20 year old girls can do with 2 shovels! I LOVED it!
On Valentine's Day we went around heart-attacking everyone's doors. It
was so much fun! We were doing it to a family in our ward and the dog
saw us and started barking. So the Dad opened the door while we were
trying put up the hearts. Whoops! Cover was blown! Hahaha. But, they
really liked it anyway.
Today was AWESOME because we got to go to Philly with a Recent Convert
in our ward. We got to spend a lot of time talking to the Missionaries
that are serving there. They shared an awesome message about the
temple. We also got to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. It
was incredible! Those places are truly sacred ground. We really could
feel the Spirit so much while we were there. I know that our Founding
Fathers were inspired men. We listened to a man talk about the
Declaration of Independence. Each and every word had been so carefully
chosen. It was amazing.
Next week we are going to be having a mission wide conference where
all of the missionaries will be there. That has Never happened before!
We don't really know it's about, but we are excited! So, because of
that our PDay will be moved to Tuesday next week.
Because of the Holiday, the library was closed, so I will send plenty
of pictures next week. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

Sister McGuire

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