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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Food, Laughs, and Miracles!

Dear Family,

Honestly, I never know what to say or where to begin! Hahaha!
Fall is in the air here in Bayview! The air is finally cooling off! We
are starting to see hints of red and yellow leaves in the woods
outside our window. I can finally start wearing cardigans without
wanting to die! Haha!
To answer Parker's question, Yes! I do have more miracle stories this
week! And I have a few funny stories too!
Miracle 1: We had stopped by our investigator, Tim's, house, and he
wasn't home. We were super bummed! We were about to get in the car and
head out to our next stop, when I felt prompted like we needed to
knock other doors on that street. We left our car and spent about 20
minutes knocking on doors and talking to people. But, no one wanted to
listen. Finally, we had to go to get to our next appointment. I felt
super disappointed and thought that maybe I had just made it up, and
it wasnt really the Spirit. We started walking back to our car. Right
as we were about to climb into our car, Tim pulled up! He waved us
over and wanted to talk to us! It was awesome, because we set up an
appointment with him again and invited him and his daughter to church.
Heavenly Father knew that Tim was on his way and that we needed to
talk to him! So, He gave me that prompting to keep us there long
enough so that we could talk to Tim.
Funny Story 1: Normally, missionaries are two starving young people
that have no money and no food, right? NOT in Bayview! LOL! I don't
know why this week was different, but EVERYONE gave us so much food
this week! We usually get a lot of food in the first place, but this
week was extra crazy! This one family bought us enough Chinese food to
last through the Apocalypse! Then, our investigator made us a pot of
soup! Then, another couple in our ward brought us 2 family size
packages of Oreos! Then, someone else got us a chocolate cake and
doughnuts and cookies! Then, another lady gave us a snack bag with
apples and granola bars. Another lady heard that we liked hummus, so
we have 4 packages of that in the fridge! There's another lady in the
ward who likes to buy us cereal. and it was on sale or something, so
we now have 10 boxes of cereal! The list goes on! Hahaha!!!!! I guess
the key to building up your food storage is to be a 'starving
missionary' and you'll never go hungry! The only problem now is that I
may have to invest in some new clothes, because my skirts are starting
to get a little bit tight!
Funny Story 2: This week, the weather has been really mild and nice.
So, everyone wants to sit outside to talk to us, which is great! When
we saw Stacey, it was the same deal. She had set up a bunch of chairs
underneath her tree in the backyard, so we went and sat out there.
About halfway through the lesson I started to feel things on my
legs... Gross! I look down and I see 6 mosquitoes all going at it on
my leg! I'm trying to sit nicely and pay attention to Stacey, who is
bearing her soul to us while at the same time swatting away at the
mosquitoes that are swarming me! I'm doing war cries and screaming in
my head while simply nodding and acting interested in what she's
saying, while gently wiggling my legs and flailing my arms constantly,
trying to fend off my blood-sucking foe! Seriously, it looked like
something off of a movie. I must have looked like an idiot the whole
time! And when I got home that night I counted 63 bites all over my
legs! I basically have been bathing in anti-itch cream all week! Then
on Friday morning we had one mosquito flying around our apartment and
I chased after it for about 10 minutes until I killed it, while Sister
Schettler was dying of laughter in the study room. I REFUSE to be
bitten again! Haha! So beware mosquitoes!
Miracle 2: we had a fantastic lesson with Jason and Mary and Bill this
week! Mary is excited for her baptism in November, but Jason has
always been a bit of a skeptic. But, this week was awesome! We had
really prayed and prepared for this lesson. Jason felt the Spirit and
he even said that he knew he needed to read the Book of Mormon and
give it a try. So great! Mary and Jason's wedding is this Saturday! We
are excited and nervous! Haha! We just hope all of the plans work out
and that it goes well.
Funny Story 3: we were at Rosemarie's house again. While we were there
she asked us to put some things away for her. We opened up the drawer
and found about 20 different pairs of sunglasses!!!! Apparently, she
collects them. Haha! So, we tried on a bunch of them. They were great!
So, I sent the picture of me wearing the funny ones.
I guess that's all I can think of right now. I hope you all have a
great week! Have adventures and miracles of your own! I love you


Sister McGuire

Sister Schettler during a lunch break! Hahaha! This is what a missionary looks like at the end of the day. :)

This is Mount Sweets on our counter. It keeps growing Bigger and Bigger everyday!

Playing around with Rosemarie's sunglasses collection!

Sister Schettler, Me and Meggy! Our favorite little helper!

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