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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Temple

This past Thursday I had the opportunity of going to the Bountiful Temple to receive my endowment. It was a beautiful experience full of peace and light. I understand now the strength and blessings that come from going to there.

When I was a young woman I remember being one of the few girls wearing a one piece swimming suit at the pool, staying home from dances because I wasn't 16 yet, being one of the few wearing a modest Prom dress, and more.

(My Mom made my dress because we couldn't find anything modest to buy.)

But the best feeling I've ever had was when I walked through the doors of the temple and I knew that I was worthy to be there. Being the odd ball or the Molly Mormon at school became all worth it! Every time I felt weird or annoying didn't matter to me any more. The blessings and peace that I found in the temple, simply drowned out anything I had ever felt before I would never have traded the experience I had for anything in the world.

Preparing for my mission has been the best adventure ever! I cant wait to continue on this journey. And the next mission to tackle.... SHOPPING!!!!

P.S. I found these pictures of opening my call. Thought I'd share!

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