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Monday, July 21, 2014

2nd Week in Whitehall!!

Sister McGuire had another great week! She even sent pictures!!!

Dear Family,
Sounds like it was a great family reunion! I am so jealous of all of it.
So, culture moment. Something awesome about my area is that one minute we can be driving through green and lush fields and trees and then two seconds later we are in downtown Allentown! I love it!
It has been a crazy week!!! I will try to recap it as best as I can.
Tuesday we drove all over the place! We were able to visit a ton of people though. I met a lady named Sister Noa. She is Puerto Rican (like most of our area) and she has a 21 year old autistic son named Angel. They are the best!!! She has the strongest testimony, but they haven't been coming to church for a while. So, we were able to ask her why she hasn't been coming and she finally admitted that it was because she had sold her car and she was too embarrassed to ask for a ride! I couldn't believe it!!! But, we were able to line up rides for her for the next few weeks so she can come. It hard out here, because most people in our ward have to drive 20-40 minutes to get to our ward building. We are so spoiled in Utah!!!
On Wednesday we taught two more incredible lessons. One to a recent convert named Mike. He is the best! He was baptized on Mother's Day and he is already being interviewed for a temple recommend and he is preparing to take 4 family names to the temple to do their work for them! The other lesson we taught was to a girl named Daniela. She is 18 and just graduated High School and I love her to death.
Thursday we had District Meeting and our Zone Leaders and the Assistants were there. I was super nervous because Sister Clark and I had been asked to give the example role-play lesson, but it went really well. That night we had the Britto Bash (Sister Britto's Birthday Party). She turned 60. Sister Clark and I as well as Elder Wilson and Elder Soon (the other Elders in our ward) served the dinner and then helped fun the party games. It was crazy! There was over 150 people there, and it was mostly our ward. Also, Jeanette was there and took a picture of sister Clark and I with a lady in our ward named Sister Leutbecker. She said that she would send it to Amelia, so you'll have to get it from her.
Friday was a MIRACLE day! Here's the story. Two of our Progressing Investigators with baptismal dates (Jose and Melody) have stopped returning our calls, so we have been unable to see them for almost two weeks now. On Friday, many of our appointments had fallen through early in the day, so we were left with extra time that we hadn't planned on. We prayed about what we should do and then we decided to go and a visit a less-active family that we haven't seen for a while. On our way there we saw (you guessed it!) Jose and Melody waiting at a bus stop. We pulled over and talked to them about how they were doing. We ended up teaching the most powerful lesson to them, right there at the bus stop. We prayed with them and talked about their problems. At the end, they agreed to set up a return appointment and we get to see them tonight. It was a miracle! If we had gone to our appointments or decided to see anyone else, then we wouldn't have found them. Heavenly Father is definitely in charge of this work, and I am so glad He is!
Saturday was nuts. We spent two hours helping the Leutbecker's with their yard work. Then we had a meeting at the Church with the Zone Leaders called trainer accountability. That's where Sister Clark and I met with Elder Timmerman and Elder Lee, and they just checked in on how we were doing. I love the Zone Leaders! They helped so much! They were very encouraging about everything. At the end, Elder Timmerman was able to give me a blessing. It was wonderful and exactly what I needed. I am grateful for the priesthood power and how big of a role it plays in my life. Women may not hold priesthood keys, but we are equally blessed by its power.
Sunday was another crazy adventure. I spoke and played the piano for a musical number in sacrament meeting. Also, I think the bishop wants me to teach Organ to everyone who can play the piano in our ward. Then we helped teach Gospel Doctrine and then we helped teach Primary. Our ward is so full of good people who try so hard, but we NEED about 200 more people just like them! I would give anything to have three of the families from the Bountiful 45th Ward move in up here. We need all the help we can get! Most ward members have 2 or 3 callings already, but we just need more people in order to run this ward.
After church we went to the Relief Society President's house for dinner. She is from Costa Rica and she made the BEST rice, beans, and chicken that I have ever had. It was SO good!! These people out here know how to make good food! I thought for sure I would be the missionary that lost a bunch of weight, but know I can see that I was kidding myself. Just know that when you come to get me from the airport in 17 months, they may have to roll me off the side! hahaha!
Well, I have to go, but I love you all so much! Keep having fun and enjoying life!
Love, Sister McGuire

A normal Street in Allentown!

Me in front of my house!! Isn't it beautiful??

The Rose Garden in Allentown!

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