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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August Already??

Dear Family,

Just like you I can't believe that it is already August! And at the
same time, I feel like I've lived my whole life in Whitehall! Hahaha.
I'm so glad that Kait had such a good birthday! Sister Clark and I
yelled Happy Birthday off the Allentown bridge. We hope it carried all
the way to Utah. ;)
This week has been so nuts! We met with Jose and Melody a lot this
week. They are incredible! They're testimonies are growing and I can
see the light of Christ coming into their lives. They decided to get
married too! They learned the law of chastity, and wanted to follow
it. So, we're planning a wedding! Haha! It is so great to watch them
grow in so many ways.
We also visited a less active named Pauline. she is awesome! She makes
bracelets out of special stones and then sells them. So we go and
visit her once a week and help her make them. The hardest part about
visiting less active people is that you hear their testimony and you
see that they are living the gospel, but for whatever reason they just
don't come to church. It makes me crazy! But, I can only imagine how
frustrated The Lord gets with me when I don't do the things that I
know I should.
Most of the people that we have been teaching were out of town this
week on vacation. So we spent a lot of time finding people. Bishop
Smith has given us a list of names of people to locate, and so many of
them have moved, so we use tons of miles driving around to these
places. But whenever we stop we have started knocking on two or three
doors nearby. On Friday when we were doing this, we actually found a
girl named Kelly who was interested in learning more about the church.
She said that she was looking for a church that talks about the bible
and will actually help her live the teachings that she learns about.
In my mind I was thinking, "boy, do we have a message for you!!!"
Hahaha! We set up an appointment and we are going to see her this
Also, this past week we had Zone Training. It was incredible! Our Zone
leaders really helped us understand more about our role as
missionaries and they taught us new ways to help and support our
companions and those that we teach. I LOVED IT!!! It was one of those
awesome opportunities that WE got to be taught. We also had Golden
Retraining this week. That is where all the newbies and our trainers
went to the mission office and we spent a day being taught by
President Anderson and the assistants. It was also an amazing day! We
were so uplifted and it helped so much! I also loved getting to see my
MTC friends again. Especially Sister Wilko!
So, yeah! It has been a great week! Thanks for your prayers and
support! This week I really felt support from The Lord when we had a
long day or needed something, and I know that your prayers have been a
big part of that. I love you all so much! I can't wait to hear of your
adventures from next week!

Sister McGuire

P.S. If you want to read a really good article about how a missionary
feels, check out Quest for Joy in the July 2005 ensign.

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