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Monday, August 25, 2014

2 Months??? + Pictures!

Dear family,

I can hardly believe that 2 months ago you were dropping me off the
MTC! Time really does fly out here! It sounds like you all had the
best week ever!
My week was awesome! And so much happened, so I will just give you the
This week our main goal has been to teach investigators with the
members. It has been a big challenge to try to schedule appointments
and make arrangements for the members to join us. but things have
worked out so well!!!! We ended up teaching 5 lessons with members and
we usually teach 2 or 3.
Another huge miracle is that we`ve been trying to teach a girl named
Kelly, but she has been staying with her Dad outside of our area. This
week we were able to teach her a lesson over SKYPE! It went so well!
And it was so cool because we finally got to teach her and she is so
open and receptive to the message. It is such a miracle that we can
use the internet to teach lessons. I also found out that I can teach
other people via skype, like Becca and Seraina! I am hoping that they
will reply to my emails so that they can hear the message of the
gospel, and it can come from me!
Another miracle this week was the announcement of the movie, Meet the
Mormons. It will be playing in a theater in Philly that is pretty
popular around here. I know that this movie is so inspired and that it
will move the work forward in this part of the vineyard.
Here's some funny things I learned about Penny culture this week.
People say jawn to mean anything! "hey, pass that jawn, sign this jawn
for me, What the jawn!" It is so funny!!!! Another thing is that
people out here dont say fight. Like I got in a fight or dont fight
with me. Instead they say fussin. "They were fussin in the parking
lot. Dont fuss with me!" Its so weird! hahaha! Also, people out here
make the best spanish rice ever!
Anyway, I love you all so much!!!!!! Hope you all have an amazing
first week of school!!!

Sister McGuire

This is a door mat we saw and Sister Clark LOVED it!!!!!! Hahaha!

This is a sign we saw in the Mall! They didn't know who said it, but we sure did!!

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