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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday??? +Pictures?

Hey Everyone!

First, I apologize for not writing yesterday. Our Mission President
decided to move Pday to today because of the Holiday yesterday. Sounds
like things are going well! I was thinking about Mom all week, because
I wanted to come and help bottle peaches!
This week has been incredible!!!!!! Here's my top five!
First off, Jose and Melody are getting married on the 13th and
baptized on the 14th!!!!!! I am so excited! We are up to our necks in
wedding plans, but the ward is awesome and is taking care of pretty
much everything! It is so humbling and incredible to see people make
so many changes in their life in order to come closer to Jesus Christ.
And I know that every effort we put forth to know Him will be rewarded
in so many ways!
2- Kelly committed to baptism!!!!! We are helping her prepare to be
baptized on October 12th. She is so ready! Heavenly Father truly puts
the elect in our path and all we have to do is open our mouths and
share the gospel with them!
3- We had our interviews with President and Sister Anderson this week!
We discussed our purpose as missionaries. We also talked about my
individual purpose for being on a mission. So great!
4- we taught Michelle again this week and she said that for the first
time she feels like she has a relationship with God and that He is
answering her prayers! And then she prayed at the end of our
lesson!!!!!!!!! It was so incredible!!!!!! There is something so
special about hearing someone pray for the fist time! You can see a
difference in their life, immediately!
5- we had exchanges yesterday, and I was in charge! It was so scary! I
had to plan our whole day and all the lessons that we taught. It was
crazy!! But it turned out so well!!! And Sister Pickett ( my Sister
Training Leader) is so great! She was so helpful and encouraging.
Funny Story
We were going to our dinner appointment last night, and we put the
address into the GPS. We drove for 3 miles into the heart of
Allentown. Everything just looked wrong. I didn't think we were going
the right way, so we pulled over and looked at the address again. It
totally was on the other side of our area! Hahahaha! Oh man! Luckily,
we showed up on time, but it was nuts! So, GPS are great, as long as
you type in the right address!!! Haha!!
I love you all!!! Mom, have a great birthday!

Sister McGuire

A guy in our ward built a Caboose in his backyard! He was an Engineer for 35 years!!!!

Sisters Pike, Pickett, McGuire, and Clark! Both companionships matched, and no it wasn't planned!!

Our friend Ari who comes teaching with us! She's the best!!

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