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Thursday, September 25, 2014

So Blessed in Whitehall!!! +Pics!!

Dear Family,

You are certainly keeping busy! Between Kaitlin's first date, Dad's calling, Preston's accidents, and the over-producing garden, I think you have your hands full! I'm so sorry to hear about Aunt Jackie. I hope that all is well with Donovan and his family. I'm also glad to hear that grandma is doing so well. Thanks for keeping me updated about everything.
I had another busy week! Here's the main stories.
Jose and Melody finally got their marriage license! It was such a nightmare trying to get all of that figured out, but I'm so glad that we did! Saturday was the wedding. I am so grateful for the skills I learned from planning the FCCLA Fashion Show, because they helped SO MUCH in trying to put on the wedding. But, it looked beautiful! There was a short ceremony and Bishop Smith performed the marriage. Then we had a small reception right afterward. It was small and simple, but beautiful. Then on Sunday we had their baptism. Sadly, Melody decided at the last minute that she wasn't ready to be baptized yet. Nothing we said could talk her out of waiting. It was so hard! But, Jose was baptized!!!!! He really was!!! I felt so bad for him though, because his foot kept popping out, so he had to do it 4 times!!!!!!!! That didnt help Melody's nerves at all! Hahahaha! But, we know that Heavenly Father wants us to perform his ordinances in the proper way. Jose was smiling from ear to ear, and the Spirit was so strong. What a sweet experience! I loved it!
There was so much else that happened this past week, but I am out of time!
I Love you all!!!!! The Church is true! Have a great week!

Love, Sister McGuire
The Wedding!!!

The Baptism!!

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