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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Busy Week! + Pictures!!!

Dear Family,

Sounds like you all had a good week! I can't believe that Sharlee is
home already! But, I was a Senior in High School when she left, and
now I'm already 2 months into my mission! Haha. Time sure does fly!
I'm sorry to hear about Grandma! I hope all goes well with the
surgery. I'm glad you got to take a small break! Everyone needs a
break! It's even in the scriptures! Read Alma 8:1 tonight please, and
see what I mean! Hahaha.
Busy is the name of the game, and Sister Clark and I had a busy week!
On Monday we had family night with a less active family in the ward.
It was so much fun! We talked about service and the little girl named
Penny told us all these funny stories and she sang Let it Go for us.
Haha! It was great!
Tuesday we taught a less active woman about Coming Unto Christ. It was
one of the best lessons I have ever been a part of and the Spirit was
so strong! Then we had meetings all night with the ward. That night
Jose called us and told us that Melody couldn't find her social
security card, so they couldn't get their marriage license. They went
and ordered a new one, but they would have to wait until it came! So,
sadly, we postponed their wedding and baptism until this coming
Saturday and Sunday. They were both so sad about it, but we helped
them to see that it was a blessing in disguise, because we definitely
weren't ready for a wedding last week.
On Wednesday we helped a recent convert named Mike, print out family
names that he could take to the temple with him. Right as we were
about to print out the ordinance request, Mike noticed that a bunch of
info about his Mom was missing. We were stunned! But we were able to
go in and fix everything so that it was correct. That was a total
miracle, because I didn't even see it, and it made a HUGE difference
in everything. After that we taught Cynthia again. She is so cool! She
has been reading the Book of Mormon and she has been loving it! We
watched the restoration DVD with her and it made a huge difference.
For so many people, it helps for them to see it, and that was so true
with her. Then we went to activity night. We have it every Wednesday.
So they have mutual, scouts, activity days, and a Book of Mormon class
all on that night. They did that because some families live 30-40
minutes away from the building, so this way they only have to make the
trip once during the week. Anyway, while we were there, Bishop Smith
introduced us to a part member family. The Dad and the youngest
daughter are not members, but the Mom and the boy are. They have met
with missionaries before, but nothing happened with that. Then, The
first thing that Gerry (the dad) asked us was when could he get
baptized. We were blown away! Then he told us that he really wanted to
take his wife to the temple as soon as possible! We nearly fainted! It
was so cool! We set up an appointment to see them this week, and we
can't wait to go!
Friday we had Mission Tour! We went to a conference with 3 other Zones
in our mission and Elder Wilford Andersen of the 70 and his wife spoke
to us. It was such an amazing day! President and Sister Anderson also
spoke. We loved it! After we got home we went with Jose and Melody and
helped them get their marriage license! Yay! They have it now! That
night, we were exhausted and too tired to make dinner, so we decided
to go out to Olive Garden. It was so fun! We rarely go out for dinner
and both needed it!
Yesterday we had a great day at church! Jose and Melody came again!
They are so excited to be baptized next week! After church we visited
a bunch of people, and we ran into other people that we haven't seen
in a while. We were in the right place at the right time. Heavenly
Father was looking out for us. Then we had dinner with the Raymond's.
They are exactly like the Cosby family! Hahaha! Even their house looks
the same! I felt like I was on the Cosby show. And they have a little
girl named Keisha who says the funniest stuff! It was so great.
Anyway, that was my busy, but fabulous week!
To answer your questions, the humidity is actually fine. It hasn't
really been bad. Everyone says that it has been a really mild summer.
Remember the day we walked around DC with Katie and Tom and we were
miserable? There's only been two or three days like that since I've
been here. And actually, this past week, things have been cooling off
very much! I even started wearing a jacket on our morning walks.
Well, sorry this one was so long. But I LOVE YOU!!!! Hope you all have
a great week!

Sister McGuire

This is a sign in Allentown! We pass it all the time!!!!

Me with Jose and Melody!!!!!

Fun at Olive Garden!

This is our friend Daniela!

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