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Monday, November 17, 2014

Flying South for the Winter!

Dear Family,

Okay, I know you are all DYING to know where I am! I was transferred
to..... (Drum roll please)....... Salisbury, Maryland!!!!!!!! If any
of you are like me, you are wondering, where on earth is that?
Hahahaha! My area covers almost the entire Delmarva Penninsula! Yep,
from the Chesapeake bay on the west to the Atlantic Ocean on the East,
and lower Deleware on the North to the Virginia state line on the
South, we've got it covered! Yes, I am on the coast and my area even
includes Ocean City with all the famous boardwalks and everything! My
apartment building is about 30 feet above sea level and it is twice as
humid here as my last area! I am 45 minutes outside of Washington D.C.
and, I am south of the Mason Dixon line, so this is a whole new
culture shock from Whitehall. But, I already love it!
Here was my week! First off, I got a package on Monday night from
Laurie Arensmeyer!!!! It was so great! Everything was all wrapped up
and each present had a letter on it that spelled Philadelphia! It was
so great! So, Sister Kinghorn and I unwrapped each one together! It
was like Christmas! It totally made my day! Thanks Laurie! You're the
Then Tuesday, I packed up and said a tearful goodbye to Whitehall and
Sister Kinghorn. We drove two hours south to mission office for
transfers. We all gathered in the gym to hear where we were going! I
found out that I was going to Salisbury and I would be in a trio! But
Guess what!?!?!?!? My companions weren't even there! The Assistants
had forgotten to tell them to come! So, I didn't even have companions!
Hahaha! Luckily, I hitched a ride with other Sisters for the three
hour ride down to their area in Dover and my companions were able to
pick me up there and we drove the last hour back to our area together.
My companions are Sister Oveson from Nephi, Utah and Sister Sturgess
from Nevada. They're great and I love them both! And, Sister Sturgess
is the missionary I replaced in Whitehall! So, she served there first
and then I did and now we're companions! And guess what!?!? Sister
Sturgess is a Spanish Speaking Sister. So, half the people we are
teaching speak only Spanish. Sister Oveson also speaks it, so I get to
learn Spanish now! My calling hasn't officially changed to speak it,
but out of necessity, I am now learning how to teach the gospel in
Spanish. It's nuts!
Oh, and I got a package and a bunch of letters when I stopped at the
mission home! So I was a happy little missionary that was grinning
like a fool! I loved it!
Well, the rest of my week has been a blur of unpacking and meeting new
people. But, I love it here and I am so excited for all of my new
adventures that I have ahead of me!
I love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister McGuire

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