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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Awesome Week!!

Dear Family,

This week was amazing! So many cool things happened! Unfortunately I
will have to keep this short, because we went to Philly today.
Miracle 1: Peter. We got to church yesterday morning and there was a
man sitting alone in the back of the chapel. Neither of us knew so we
went and introduced ourselves. He said that he had a lot of Mormon
friends and so he just decided to show up and see what the church was
like! We were so excited! We told him a little about the Church and we
gave him a Book of Mormon. After sacrament meeting was over, he said
that he had really enjoyed it and he can't wait to come back next
week! It was a miracle! Hopefully we will start teaching him soon!
Miracle 2: We have been working with a less active woman in our Ward.
She is very sweet and loves meeting with us, but she can't seem to
ever make it to church. Well, this morning she called us out of the
blue and she said, "Sisters, I actually started reading the Book of
Mormon again. I feel a fire and a need to come back to church now."
Amazing!!!!! This just shows the power of the Book of Mormon. It
changes our hearts. I know it's true!
I wish I had more time! But, I love you!

Love, Sister McGuire

Last week I missed a couple pictures, sorry! Here they are!

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