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Monday, August 31, 2015

September and Transfer Calls!!!

Dear Family,

Wow! It has been an amazing, crazy, super fun, one of a kind week! I
realize that I have sent some pathetically short emails the last few
weeks, so I will try to make up for it today. Story time!
Last Monday, we cut our PDay short because we were helping a single
mom with five kids set up her school room to get ready for the
homework to come piling in. We got pretty far, but we're going to go
help her finish tonight. It was super awesome! Then she took us out to
dinner at our Ward Mission Leader's new food truck! He is Mexican and
his life long dream has been to have a restaurant. Well, he is just
starting out now with a food truck, but if they do well enough, he
will expand. I think they will do well. The food is so good!
Tuesday we started off the morning with a new investigator! He had
been meeting with missionaries back in New Jersey, (just miles from
where I was in Medford!) but, he had unexpectedly needed to go to
Vietnam for six weeks for his mother in laws funeral. Well, he finally
got back to the U.S. and ended up moving here. Then, he got back in
touch with the Jersey Sisters and they called us. Whew! Long story
short, he is golden! He is so ready to hear the gospel and he is
amazing! We taught him the Restoration and he loved it! When we gave
him a Book of Mormon, he was so grateful! He picked it up so carefully
and held it like he was holding a baby. It was so neat!
Wednesday we went to see a less active man in our Ward. His home
teachers had invited us to come with them. When we got there, this
mans sister was there. We got talking to her and found out that her 15
year old daughter had passed away a year ago in a tragic car accident.
She was searching for answers and help. We were able to teach her the
plan of Salvation and tell her that she can be with her daughter for
eternity. It was so sweet! We are teaching her now too and we can't
wait to go back this week. Once again, I would like to point out, that
this wouldn't have happened without two dedicated and faithful home
teachers that took the time to care and followed the Spirit in
promoting them to bring the missionaries. People! Just do your HOME
AND VISITING TEACHING!!!!!! This is the reason why!!!!!!!
Thursday we met another new girl to teach! Her name is Mariah and she
is so sweet! The Spanish Elders actually knocked on her door, looking
for someone else. So, they referred her to us and she is awesome! We
are super excited to start teaching her too!
Friday seemed like it was the longest day of my life! We spent the
whole day, simply dreading the phone call that was coming..... Yes, we
got transfer calls! And Sister Schettler and I are BOTH STAYING in
Bayview!!!!! It's so crazy! I have never been in an area for this
long, or with the same companion for this long, but I LOVE IT!!!! I am
so excited to stay here in Bayview! This is my favorite place in the
world. I just feel like I'm home.
Not much else happened this week, but it was awesome! This morning we
went hiking with our investigator, Rachael. It was fun!
Anyway, I love you all! I wish you luck with School and everything!

Sister McGuire

Elder Morgan's Mom made yummy 'Minion'aries and sent them for a District Meeting treat! :)

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