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Monday, August 24, 2015

Short and Sweet!

Dear Family,

I can't believe another week has gone by! I also can't believe another Summer has gone by! All the kids are back in school and Walmart put out their Halloween decorations today...... WEIRD!!!!!!
Well, I am just loving life and enjoying every second of it!
This week was Bill's baptism! He was baptized on Saturday afternoon, which was his Birthday. It was super special and it all went well! He had been really nervous about the baptism, because he doesnt swim, but the Elders did a great job practicing with him. He did everything perfect..... except...... he forgot to close his mouth! Hahaha! Oh dear! He went under the water just fine, and he came up alright too, but he was coughing and spluttering. Woops! Oh well. But, he was beaming and he was so happy! He was confirmed on Sunday by Bishop and he was practically glowing. I love the gospel! I love the joy you see in people once they've made covenants with God. That is truly when you see the light of Christ in their life.
Well, unfortunately, we are helping someone re-do their house tonight, so that cut our P-Day a little bit short. But I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic Week!

Sister McGuire

Me, Bill, and Sister Schettler!! It was a great day!

Me, Bill, Sister Schettler, and Elder Morgan!!

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