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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stake Conference and More!!

Dear Family,

Well, Once again, so much has happened this week and I don't have much time to write about it! Haha! But, hey, what's new? The biggest thing that happened this week was Stake Conference, so most of my stories are about that.
Story 1: Sister Lee
Sister Lee is a less-active woman in our ward. She hasn't been to church in over a year. She has many trials in her life that are pulling her away from the gospel. Last week, she showed up at church!!!! We were astonished!!!!! It was an amazing miracle! But, now comes the real problem..... How do we keep her coming? Our biggest obstacle was the fact that this week was stake conference. If it took her a year to get the 3.5 miles to church, how on earth are we supposed to get her the 25.6 miles to Stake Conference? We thought and worried and prayed about it all week. Well, on Saturday she called us up and needed some help with her house. They have been remodeling the dining room, and needed so extra hands. So we went up and helped. While we were working, I slyly asked her what her plans were for stake conference. She replied, "Hmm... I don't really know. I'm thinking about going." In missionary language that means, 'I'm not going, but I'm just saying that because I don't want to say no to your face.' Great. What am I supposed to say to that? Then, the thought occurred to me. So I said, "Oh okay. We just really need a ride, and we can't seem to find anyone who can take us." With that she perked right up! She said that there was no way she could let the missionaries miss stake conference and she would be at our apartment early the next morning to make sure that we got there in time to get a good seat. WOW!!!!! Miracles!!!!!! That was awesome!!!! So, not only did she come to stake conference, but we got to talk with her the whole hour drive there and the whole hour drive back. It was fantastic! On our way home she said to us how she knows the church is true with every fiber of her being. She has just been letting things get in the way. She apologized for not always coming, but she asked us to never give up on her. It Was INCREDIBLE!!!! It made me so happy to hear that from her!
Story 2: The In-Laws!
So, we got to Stake Conference early right? We got walking into the auditorium (the meeting was held at the local high school, because there isn't enough room for everyone in the stake center) and the first people I see is Brandon and Jeanette Mattson, Amelia's sister and brother. I start heading over to them when I realize there is someone else there too. It was Sister Koltz, Amelia's Mom!!!!! I was so excited to see all of them! It felt like a mini family reunion! Hahaha! Out of all the places to see my Brother's in-laws, it would be stake conference!
Story 3: Whitehall!
Since we were at Stake Conference, the entire Whitehall ward was there as well! I LOVED IT!!!! I got to see some of my dearest friends again! My favorite was seeing Sister Britto, the lady we lived with in Whitehall. It was awesome!
Story 4: Absolutely nothing to do with stake conference.......
Hahaha, random funny story. On Sunday morning I jumped in the shower to get ready for the day. I have noticed over the past week that the drain in the shower is getting slower and slower. On Sunday it hardly worked at all. I saw a little bit of hair build up on the top of the drain, so I assumed it was just plugging up the holes. I reached down to pull out the hair. As I pulled it got longer and longer and I kept pulling and pulling and pulling! It kept coming! There seemed to be no end! It started out the size of a small string and it kept getting bigger and bigger and nastier and nastier. Finally, this ball of hair the size of a small rat popped out of the drain! I was fighting a gag reflex like mad! It was made up of hair from I don't even know how many sisters for I dont even know how long! It was so gross!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!
Story 5: On a much more Spiritual note.......
We went out finding last night and we met 4 people who are interested in learning more about the gospel! One of them was named DeAnn. About 3 weeks ago, we got a media referral that she had requested a bible. So, we went to her house and knocked on the door. The dog was barking, she was on the phone and someone else was coming over to talk to her. Obviously, it was not a good time to talk. So, she took the bible and we left. Normally, bible referrals never want to see us again. with the whole experience it really didnt seem like she was interested at all. But, we have had her in the back of our minds. On Sunday we could no longer ignore the prompting that we HAD to go and see her. So, we awkwardly knock on the door while to the chorus of her dog once again howling like a banshee. DeAnn came to the door and chatted with us for a minute. I managed to ask her why she had requested the bible. She nearly broke down in tears while she began to tell us her struggles. Her health is declining and she has several auto-immune diseases that are basically eating her body away. She feels lost and like she has no where to go. She doesn't know much about God and has never really been a religious person, but she felt a need to start turning to God. We testified to her that she does have a loving Heavenly Father who wants to help her! We told her that we are messengers sent from Him and we share a message of love and hope and healing. It really touched her heart! We are going back to see her again this week! I am so excited!
The gospel is amazing! It is beautiful! It is the answer that we seek and the happiness that we yearn for. It is a blessing. and I am so grateful that I can be sharing it with others!
I love you all family! You are amazing! Bloom where you are planted and keep sharing the light!

Sister McGuire

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