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Monday, November 9, 2015

Apology Letter and Miracles!!!

Dear Family,

First off, I owe you all a huge apology for not writing last week. It
was so strange to me, because we finished emailing so much earlier
than usual! I had totally forgotten to write! I didn't even realize it
until that night when we were planning for the next day. By then, it
was too late to write until today.
So, with that said, the stories of last week....
Tuesday: Sister Sullivan woke up sick. Which was terrible because we
had 6 appointments scheduled for that day! The most lessons we have
had since I got to Pottstown. But, we were able to call up some
members and go on splits for the day. I went out teaching all day with
Sister Bunting while another sister stayed home with my companion.
Saturday was Halloween and all missionaries have to be home at 6:00 on
Halloween night. So, we picked up pizza and watched church movies that
night. We really enjoyed it!
Basically, that's all for two weeks ago.
This past week has been crazy! Our area exploded!
It all started on Tuesday. We went on exchanges with the Sister
Training Leaders. So, I stayed in Pottstown and Sister Hepworth joined
me for the day! It was amazing! We got so much work done together. We
taught 4 lessons that day alone. And we met 2 new people to teach! It
was amazing!
Wednesday we volunteered at the Salvation Army, preparing and serving
food for the homeless. That was so cool. There is something so
humbling about serving in a place like that. I love the people that we
serve with there. Especially this one lady named Bonita. She's
hilarious! I also find it ironic that the people who usually serve in
soup kitchens are in poverty themselves. Very rarely do you find rich
people serving in that capacity.
That night we saw Sister Khohlovaia. (Try saying that! Hahaha!) She is
one of my favorite people ever! She is from Russia. She is convert to
the gospel. The missionaries found and taught her in Russia 20 years
ago. She has such a strong testimony and so much to share! She came to
America a year ago to live with her daughter and grandchildren. She
struggles a lot with her English, but she wants to learn so bad!
However, she is a professional Pianist. Even though she doesn't speak
English, she shares her talents every week by playing the piano in
Primary. I love that music is its own language! And, it just so
happens that there is a man in our Ward who just recently got home
from serving a mission in Russia. We teamed up with him and we have
been teaching Sister Irina the gospel in English so she will be able
to understand Sacrament meeting better.
Thursday was Zone Training. It was fantastic! Easily the best one I've
ever been to! Our Zone Leaders are Elder Holden and Elder Curtis. ( I
don't know if you remember Ryan Curtis from Bountiful, but I went to
high school with him. He played on the football team.) anyway, it was
great. We talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon. We also
talked about how obedience creates a climate where the Spirit can
dwell. That really hit us. So we have been trying really hard to
always have a climate of obedience so that we can see miracles.
Right after Zone Training we had interviews with President Anderson.
It was amazing! I just want you all to know that I have the best
mission president in the world! I didn't want to make anyone jealous,
but it's the truth! Haha. He helped me recognize just how much I have
changed over the last 16 months. It was awesome. We laughed about some
growing experiences that I have had and we talked about the moments
that have shaped who I am today. It was great.
Basically we were riding on a spiritual high, and we went out to work!
And boy, did it work! The rest of the week was pretty much a blur of
too many miracles to count. If I took the time to write it all down,
it would be a book series longer than Harry Potter. And that's if I
can find the words to describe it all. Suffice it to say, we were
blessed to find 6 new investigators this week and we ended up teaching
18 lessons. It was a miracle! This area hasn't had a new investigator
in almost 8 weeks. And we haven't taught more than 10 lessons a week
in the last 2 months. Heavenly Father is so good to us! He truly
prepares his people to hear the gospel! And when the time is right, He
orchestrates it perfectly. I also truly learned one thing this week.
Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles. Exact
obedience doesn't mean we are perfect, because I am definitely NOT!
But, we can perfectly put our trust in the Savior, His Atonement and
His commandments. Mosiah 2:41 Blessed and happy are they that keep the
commandments of God.
Another miracle was that Sister Lee came to church!!!!!!!! She hasn't
been to church in almost 6 months! It was amazing! We basically
knocked her over when she came in the door. I love her so much!
Kinda funny story to explain the picture! Sister Nicholls is an
awesome lady in the Ward! She has been dying to make chick food (like
soups, salads, and sandwiches) but her husband is a big macho guy and
just wants the heavy hearty food. So, she signed up to have us over
for dinner this week and she kicked her husband out of the house for
the night! Hahaha! She was so happy! We had squash soup and candied
walnut salad. It was so good!
Anyway, sorry for the long shpeel today. I sure love you all!

Sister McGuire

Sister Nicholls and the the Chick-Food!! 

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