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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Dear Family,

Well, I am loving Pottstown! I had a fantastic week!
It all started with Tuesday. We woke up early and drove the three
hours up to Harmony, Pennsylvania to see the Priesthood Restoration
site. President and Sister Anderson were there. They spoke to us, as
well as the Visitor Center Director and his wife. It was such a neat
place! We spent the day touring the homes of Isaac Hale and Joseph and
Emma's first home. We also got to see the graves of Joseph and Emma's
infant son and the Hales family. It was such a neat experience!
Since the bus dropped us off in Whitehall, we made a quick pit-stop at
Sister Britto's on the way home! Unfortunately, she wasn't there, but
we got to see her daughter Katie! So, that was cool! It was so crazy
to be back in Whitehall! I can't believe that it has been a year since
I've been there.
We had the Halloween Carnival this week. While we were there we met a
woman who is from the Ukraine. She is a member and she just moved to
America a year ago. She asked us to come and teach her the gospel in
English so that she can understand what is being said during sacrament
meeting! That was super cool!
The next day was Saturday. I haven't been feeling too good, so I
finally broke down and went to the doctor. Well, I have bronchitis!
So, they hyped me up on meds and sent me home. It was nice because a I
got to sleep the rest of the day.
Also, I had a panic attack yesterday when I realized that it was my 16
month mark!!!! Yikes!!! I can hardly believe that it has been that
Another cool fact. I was just browsing around our family history this
past week when I discovered something very interesting! Charles Alfred
Harper's family is all from Pennsylvania! And not just anywhere in
Pennsylvania, but right here where I'm serving!!!!!! His grandfather,
Jacob Evans, is from Montgomery county! The other Harper's are from
Philly. And his Great-Grandma, Ann Foulke, was born in Limerick
Township IN MY AREA!!!!!!! That was such a neat discovery for me! I
feel an even greater connection to this amazing place that I have come
to call home.
Anyway, I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister McGuire

I  got to see Linda from Medford at transfers!!! It was so great! 

Sister Sullivan and I at the Ward Halloween Party

Sister Sullivan and I found this funny sign while tracting this week! 
This is Me and The Susquehanna River, where Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were baptized

This is a replication of a wooden box that Joseph would have kept the plates in. It was heavy! It weighed 50 pounds

This is the Isaac Hale home where Joseph and Emma first met!

This is where 70% of the Book of Mormon was translated

The monument

I ran into my old friend, Sister Ipson!

I also ran into my old companion Sister Veater!

The gorgeous Fall! (The pictures really dont do it justice!

Scenic Route

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  1. Sister. Pray you are feeling well. Bet cha had a spiritual visit at the Restoration site. So happy you had a short reunion with Sister Veater. We miss you in Medford. See you soon at Arella. :)