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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Super Lame Email

Dear Family,

I've been transferred to Pottstown Pennsylvania!!!! I am super excited
for this new area and I already love the people here!
As the subject line says, this will be a super short, super lame
email, because our PDay is being cut short today. It's a short PDay
because tomorrow all of the missionaries in the mission are going to
be taking a tour of newly dedicated Priesthood Restoration site in
Susquehanna, New York!!!!!
We are going to leave our apartment at 4:30 tomorrow morning and drive
to Whitehall. From there we will board a bus at 6:00 and ride the rest
of the way up. While there, the Visitor Center Sisters will be taking
us on tours of the site. We are super excited and we are so lucky to
be going!
You should read up about the site in an article in the September
Ensign called Joseph Smith in Harmony.
Anyway, I promise more stories and plenty of pictures next week. Love you all!

Sister McGuire

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