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Monday, October 5, 2015

Amazing Week!!

Dear Family,

It has been one of the most Spiritually uplifting weeks of my mission! So much good has happened this week!

Last Monday, Kim came out teaching with us! I'm so glad she did! I know that it really changed her perspective of missionary work. Basically, we showed up to our appointment, with an inactive woman that we had run into last week. Well, something must have changed her mind, because she told us that she had burned her Book of Mormon years ago and she told us to go away and then she slammed the door. Sister Schettler and I didn't bat an eyelash, we just turned around to keep going. Kim, however, was amazed! She was blown away! She was pretty upset too. It was a good thing that she was standing behind me, because she was gonna go tell that lady some things that she would probably regret later. Hahaha!

So, we just went to our next appointment a little bit early. Kim loved it! We visited June, a sweet lady in our ward who lives in a nursing home. We had a very nice chat with June and invited her to watch Conference on her computer, after we showed her how to use it. June loved the visit and Kim and June really connected. It was awesome!!

On Wednesday, we were super busy! We ran around all day going from appointment to appointment! It was like a missionary's dream day! We had good lessons and saw a lot of people. Then, we went with Tobie (Bill's grand-daughter) to mutual! It was amazing! Tobie is a really shy girl, but the other Young Women in our ward were so kind and welcoming! Tobie loved it! And she is becoming fast friends with another YW named Laura.

Then, Thursday was Zone Conference!!!! It was amazing! We had to wake up super early and drive all the way to Broomall for it. And guess what!?!?!?!? There was a team of people there from Salt Lake. They installed something called TiWi devices in all of our cars. A TiWi is a little black box that runs off of a GPS system and it monitors your speed, your seatbelt, your location, and any sort of aggressive driving. It then reports everything back to President Anderson and Elder Rose (the Mission's vehicle coordinator). I guess all the mission cars in the United States and Canada will have one soon. We are taking safe driving to a whole new level! The rest of Zone Conference was amazing. We learned about the gathering of Israel from President Anderson. It was incredible! The Assistants taught us about the importance of bearing a pure and simple testimony.

And then, we had General Conference! Wow! I think I took about 12 pages of notes! We were so richly fed! This morning in my studies I read D&C 1:4 " And the voice of warning shall be unto all people, by the mouths of my disciples, whom I have chosen in these last days." I loved it! I decided that this will be the verse that I 'Ponderize' this week! What verse will you learn this week? I also love this scripture because I know that our 3 new apostles were indeed chosen by the Lord in these last days. We need them and their experience and their counsel. Most of all, we need to hear the Voice of the Lord being carried to our hearts through them. I learned so much from conference, and I simply hope that I can begin to put all these new goals into practice in my life.
Well, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister McGuire

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