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Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Miracles!!

Dear Family,

As always, I got busy doing some things, and now I'm out of time to
write. But, thanks to my lovely companion, you still get to hear the
stories for the week! So, hear you go! This is Sister Eastmonds
version of what happened this week, mixed Dear Family,
As always, I got busy doing some things, and now I'm out of time to
write. But, thanks to my lovely companion, you still get to hear the
stories for the week! So, hear you go! This is Sister Eastmonds
version of what happened this week mixed with some of my own

This week we did a lot of service. We also taught quite a few good
lessons. The ward Christmas Party was on Friday night so we spent a
lot of time working with the ward preparing for that.
Anyways, on Tuesday it was pretty warm, so we decided to do some
street contacting in Spring City (one of the towns in our area, and by
warm I mean 58ish°) so we were walking around talking to people, and
headed down the street from where we parked our car, and all of the
sudden we got a text saying we had a new media referral (someone who
went on and requested something) this referral happened to
be in spring city and the address was the other side of Main Street.
So we started walking back that direction, and we stopped to talk to
this man that was outside of a door. Come to find out that he is a
door to door salesman. So we start talking to him about missionary
work and how we go door to door sometimes too, and he asked us how
much we get paid. We told him that we don't get paid, that we're
volunteers, and he was floored. He gained such a respect and
admiration for us that when we gave him one of the pass along cards
that has the new Christmas initiative and the website for it, we
didn't even have to invite him to visit the website, he was like "You
know, because you two girls are so dedicated to sharing this message
of Christ I'm going to go visit the website here on this card!" Then
he wished us luck and a good day, and he continued on his way down the
street. So we continued down to the end of Main Street where this
referral lived and knocked on the door. She had requested a Joy to the
World DVD, and unfortunately we had just run out of them, but weren't
going to be back to spring city for a few days. So we stopped by,
shared "A Savior is Born" and then set up an appointment to come back
and bring the DVD to her. She was a really nice lady, but all she
wants is the dvd. She is very devout in her faith and not planning on
changing anytime soon.
Wednesday we had dinner
with a less active family, the Palmers. They are this super funny
family of young girls. While we were at their home we were able to
build a pretty good relationship with them. Then we went to the church
to help set up the decorations for the ward Christmas party.
Thursday we had district meeting, and then we went out finding all
day. People weren't very open to talking. People were all in a rush
and didn't feel like talking. Then we had dinner with the Chiarlanza
family. Sister Chiarlanza is a member, but her husband is not. So we
are going to try to start teaching him. Sister Chiarlanza told us
later that the Sister missionaries were teaching him, but then they
dropped him and stopped meeting with him. She told us how devastated
she was when the sisters told her that they weren't going to meet with
him anymore. It has been about a year now, so we're going to try
teaching him again. He seems to already like us!
Friday we spent the day weekly planning and then helping out with the
Christmas Party. We got everything ready for it. We had tons of
non-members come and it was amazing! The food was great and everyone
had a good time! The best part was that every single nonmember that
was there, was being fellowshipped by a member of the Ward. They were
all taken care of! It was amazing! I loved the theme of the party. We
had a Christmas Luau. Surprisingly, three of the biggest families in
the Ward are Polynesian, so they put it on. The young men did the
Hakka and the young women did the hula. It was so fun! And we had
pulled pork, rice and macaroni salad for dinner.
Sunday was when the biggest miracle happened! Sister Lee was assigned
to speak in sacrament meeting. We were waiting anxiously by the door
to make sure that she was coming. Well, time kept rolling on and it
was almost time for the meeting to start. Then, finally at 9:59, we
see Sister Lee coming through the doors! We were so excited that she
came! And then........ We caught sight of Brother Lee and their son
coming in behind her!!!!!!!!!! We nearly fell over!!!!!! Brother Lee
hasn't been to church in a year! And he told us he would never come
back! Yet, there he was! And they stayed all three hours of church! It
was a Christmas Miracle!
Well, I love you all! Have a fabulous week!

Sister McGuire

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