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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What a Week!!!!

Dear Family,

Things are fantastic here in Pottstown!!!
It all started on Tuesday. We packed up Sister Sullivan and headed out
to transfers. There, I got my new companion! Her name is Sister
Eastmond! She is from Lehi, Utah. She has been out for a year. I have
known her from a distance, and we are super excited to be together!
She also has served in Salisbury and Newark (which is the area right
next to Bayview). So we have had a lot to talk about and we are
becoming fast friends.
Also, I'm not the driver anymore! Hahaha! Sister Eastmond gets carsick
super easily, but it helps her to be the driver, because she can focus
more and anticipate the cars movements so she doesnt get as sick. So,
we talked to the vehicle coordinator and we switched her to be the
designated driver. So, I dont have to drive anymore and I love it.
Over the course of my entire mission I have only spent 5 weeks not
So, we came back to our area and got to work! That first night we had
a huge miracle! We were going to service for a less active family in
the ward. We ended up staying for dinner. And for the first time ever,
the father of the family actually engaged in conversation with us! We
got talking about the gospel and Sister Eastmond asked them about the
last time he had had a spiritual confirmation that the church was
true. He shared some neat experiences from his mission, but realized
that he hasn't had any since then. So, we are now planning a trip to
go to the Priesthood Restoration Site with their family on December 7.
That will be an amazing experience for them!
Whew. That was all just on Tuesday... Hahaha! Honestly, I dont
remember much else from the week. It was just one blur of amazing
miracles and so much fun!
Oh yeah, and it was Thanksgiving this week! I had the BEST
Thanksgiving I have ever had in my entire life! We started off the day
by going to Manor Care, which is a nursing home. We have three members
of our ward that are living there right now. We were able to see and
talk to all of them. We read scriptures and sang songs and talked and
laughed with each of them. It was fantastic! After that we saw another
member of our ward who lives alone. We spent some time with her as
well. Next, we went to our Thanksgiving dinner with the Former Bishop
and his family! It was amazing! We got to spend time with their family
and friends. We even got to talk to his non-member parents a bit. The
food was great and the company was better. It was such a joy to be
with them.
Then we went and visited the Relief Society President and her family.
We got there just in time for pie. It was so good! It was also amazing
to meet her family! Sister Hawk is the only active member in her
family. The rest of her family is either less active or non-members.
But we were able to get to know them and start building relationships
with them as well. We even invited the whole family to our Ward
Christmas party next week. After Sister Hawks family left we were on
clean up Brigade! It was awesome! We made sister Hawk sit down and
talk to us while we did the dishes, cleared the table, sept the floor,
and put everything back together. We had a good time! She put on
Christmas music so we were singing along as we worked. It was great!
Finally, for our last stop, we saw Sarah. She is one of our
investigators. She is so sweet! She lives alone with her four dogs.
So, we brought some much needed company. She was especially sad,
because she didnt get to go home to see her brother in Virginia. But
we had a good time talking and laughing with her.
All in all, it was the best holiday ever! I am so blessed and so
grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve others! I think that
this Thanksgiving was so special because we simply spent the day
helping other people, and showing our Heavenly Father just how
grateful we are for His blessings.
I am so grateful for all of you! I Love Love Love LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Sister McGuire

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