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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween!! And tons of Pictures!!!

Dear Family,
I can't believe that it is Halloween already! Where did the time go? haha!
Once again, so much happened this week!
This week we have been trying to stop by the members houses more and help them in their efforts to do missionary work. It has been going very well! The members are so key to this work! We couldnt do it without you!

Sunday was a total miracle! At church TWO of our investigators actually came, and they stayed all three hours! We were so excited that we were practically dancing around! Also, there was a woman who walked into sacrament meeting a little bit late. I didnt recognize her, so after the service we introduced ourselves. She said that she had just moved here from New York, but she is originally from Liberia. She isnt a member of the church but her cousin in Philadelphia is, and he had told her that the Church was great and that she should check it out. So, she got online and found the address for our meetinghouse and just decided to show up! I can't believe it! We gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to the ward Halloween party on Wednesday, and she promised she would come and bring her 7 year old son! How cool is that!?!?!

Also, we went to see a less-active named Linda. Sisters have been working with her for months now, and she hasn't made any progress. Last week she had told us that she loved seeing us, but she would never come to any church function or read the Book of Mormon. So, we were a little nervous when we saw her last night. But, we went in and watched a Bible video about Charity. We talked about service and how Jesus was a perfect example of it. Then, we invited her to read Moroni 7 about faith, hope, and charity. Guess what?!?!?!? She is totally going to do it! Then, she asked us if we knew Brother Rinehart. We told that of course we knew him! (He has been a faithful member of the ward and has 4 calings right now and is an awesome missionary!) She told us that he has been her home teacher for years and has made his faithful visit every month during that time. She said that he had felt impressed to call her last week and invite her to a family history seminar that was being held at the library that he had heard about. She told us how excited she was to go find her ancestors. Guess what? That seminar that he had invited her to, is the one that Sister Kinghorn and I are putting on with the help of other missionaries in the area!!!!!! Holy Cow! I could hardly believe it! I'm telling you, Home Teaching is the way to find Heavenly Father's lost sheep. Missionaries can work and try our best, but home and visiting teachers are the Lord's hands in this work.

We are excited for Halloween! As missionaries, we have to go home at 6:00 on Halloween Night, because they want to keep us out of trouble. Luckily for us, we live with Sister Britto! She wants us to help her hand out candy while she plays with her grandkids. We are so excited! It will be so fun!

The leaves are changing color, and it is so gorgeous here. I am blow away by the beauty all around me! It is so hard to have to drive! Luckily, Sister Kinghorn reminds me to keep my eyes on the road and not on the scenery... hahaha! I will have to send a picture as soon as I can.

Hey Parker! Here is a joke for you! Why did the home teacher cross the road? It was the last day of the month! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Love you all! Hope you have a great week!
Love, Sister McGuire

Just one of the Gorgeous trees!!!

This is the Allentown Skyline in the fall! I took this picture on a sky bridge that goes over St. John's street in downtown. The bridge connects two residential buildings where some people in our ward live.

Sisters Baugh, Nielson, Kinghorn, and I on the last day of Rita's! Goodbye until Spring!

This is my pumpkin that I carved! It's the coolest! ;D

Here is my favorite picture!
This was taken by our Bishops wife, just down the street from her
house. It captures the beauty a lot better than my pictures! ;)

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