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Monday, January 12, 2015

A Week of Adventures!!!!

Dear Family,

This has been a busy week, again! And I have so many stories this week! So get comfy, this might take a while! It's story time with Sister McGuire!
The first story starts on Tuesday. It snowed on Tuesday. Since it was snowing our district leader texted us and said that if we aren't comfortable with driving in the snow, then we could stay in that day. Well, I thought, "I'm from Utah! Of Course I can drive in the snow!" So, we went on our way. Well.... at about lunch time, we were coming back home and I turned into our apartment complex, when we hit a patch of ice and went skidding right into the curb. Yep. Luckily, the damage looked minimal, so we went on our merry way. (After informing the Vehicle Coordinator of our mishap, of Course).
On Wednesday, we had an awesome miracle! We were out trying a family in our ward. They have been less-active for a while and we went out to find them this week. We looked up the address for the son, and then stopped by that apartment. The woman there said that she had moved in a few months ago and didnt know the family. We left, but on our way out, Sister Veater had the impression to check the address again. We found that the address had been typed in wrong on the son and that they actually lived somewhere else. The other place that they lived was a bit farther away than we had planned and we needed to head to a dinner appointment soon. We decided to try them another day. As we started to drive away, we had a distinct and strong impression that we needed to go NOW. So, we turned the car around and headed off to find them. When we got there, the Mom, one of the daughters and the grandson were there. They welcomed us right in and made us Hot Chocolate. Then, the mom sat down and looked us straight in the eye and said, "It's been a long time since we've been to church. We need to get back to church. That's exactly what my family needs." We almost fell off the couch, we were so surprised! She gave us their phone number and asked us to come back soon. It was a miracle!
On Thursday we woke up and headed out to District Meeting. On our way there we realized that our car accident from Tuesday was NOT okay and we had to go to the nearest Car Shop there was. They informed us that it would be at least 4 hours before they would even be able to look at our car. But, we have no other way to get around. Luckily the other Sisters near our area were able to pick us up for the meeting. And Guess who had decided to come and visit that day????? President Sikahema and his wife came! It was an incredible meeting! After it all ended we went back to PepBoys to wait for our car. So..... we did what every good missionary does! We spent the next 6 hours talking to every single person that came into the waiting room! Haha! It was fun! Hopefully we will be getting some new investigators from it! :)
But, after a long few hours of waiting, a bunch of phone calls to the mission office, and one new tire rim later, we were back on the road!
So yeah, that was just a few of our adventures this week! I hope you all have a good week! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Sister McGuire

Us with President Sikahema and his wife!!!!!!!!!

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