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Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year! A New You!

Dear Family,

Mom, I liked your slogan, so I stole it! hehe! It is a New year and a lot is going to change this year. I am so excited for the many things that will happen!
On New Years, we had what we called a New York New Year Utah Style. At 10:00, Sister Veater and I cheered! hahaha! Then we went to bed at 10:30. :) That's how we rang in the New Year! It was a really great week though. Since it has been the Holidays, a lot of people have been home. So, we have been able to go out and find a lot of Less-Active members that the Bishop has asked us to find.
Also, we weren't able to go to the temple on Saturday because the woman we were going to go with had a death in her extended family, so she had to go to the funeral instead. But, that's okay, because we will get to go soon! (We hope!)
The coolest thing about this week is that we have decided to start contacting a Recent Convert in our ward more often. A problem that she had before she was baptized came back, and she has been struggling with it. We visited her on New Years Eve and she told us that a goal she had set for herself was to go to the temple and be baptized for her deceased daughter! We were so excited!!!!!! The Lord help us when we choose to follow His plan and I know that He will help her through her trials, because she has chosen to follow Him.
Another exciting story is that we were able to talk to the people at the library here in Medford and we will be doing a Family History Night here in February! We are so excited!!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

Sister McGuire

This is a super cool Nativity we saw this week. Notice, There's still no snow! I Love it! But, It is supposed to snow tomorrow! Yikes! We'll see what happens!

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