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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!

Dear Family,

It was so good to see you and talk to you this past week! I loved it! The time went too fast. I can't believe how big Parker and Preston and Amelia are! (Hahaha!) The rest of you are all pretty much the same. You all made my day!
The rest of Christmas was amazing! I loved going to Christmas dinner with people in our ward. I also loved going to an assisted living home. There we visited a woman that we know who had to work on Christmas. She told us that we made her day! That made me feel so good! We also visited a lot of other people too.
There is a Less-Active member of our ward who just got her temple recommend for the first time! And we got permission to go with her to the D.C. this Saturday to do baptisms for the dead with her and her family. We are so excited! One of the rules with a temple trip though, is that we will be switching our next P-Day with the day that we go to the temple. So, I will be able to email you all again on Saturday, but next Monday will be a normal proselyting day for me. SO, sorry I am messing that all up. But I am SO Excited to go to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really is something I took so much for granted at home. I can hardly believe how close we live to one. Go to the temple whenever you get the chance!
Sorry that I'm short today, but I've got to go!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Happy New Year!

Sister McGuire

The Medford Beach!!

Christmas with a Charlie Brown Tree! Love it!

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