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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!

Dear Family,

It has been a wild week! I can't believe that I was in Salisbury 7 days ago! Since then, I have traveled to 3 other states and had 2 other companions! Crazy!
But, I am now serving in Medford, New Jersey with my companion Sister Veater!!! We are in the Cherry Hill North Stake. Guess who our Stake President is??? Yep! It is President Vaia Sikahema! So Cool!!!! I'll try to get an autograph for you! ;) haha JK! Another fun fact about Medford is that we are about 30 minutes east of Camden. Yep, THE Camden. But, don't worry Mom, because Medford is a cute little town that is in the middle of a rural farming community! It's great though!
On Tuesday we got our new companions and drove back to our area. Lucky for us, we had to drive through downtown Philly to get there! It was so cool!!! I can't wait to be able to come and tour there someday!
The rest of the week has pretty much been a blur of meeting new people and settling in. Remember Sister Wilko, my companion from the MTC? Well, her uncle is the Bishop of the Medford Ward!
We also had the Christmas Conference yesterday, that's why I am emailing today. It was awesome! Sister Anderson shared some incredible insights about the Shepherds in the nativity. Just read Ezekiel 34 and it will blow your mind. I loved it! President Anderson spoke about using our time wisely and finding those who will be alone for Christmas. Then we watched 17 Miracles. It was so good! After the movie we had a talent show. I played the piano and Sister Wilko sang. I also played the Ukulele and sang the song, How Can I Be. I think it went well. We also had a group of Elders that performed a skit about what it's like to be a Camden Elder. It was hilarious! There was also a group of Elders that did a dance in the dark with glowsticks taped on them. It was so cool! It looked like it came off of America's Got Talent. The best part was at the end, when Santa's Elves came and passed out packages! We loved it! I was showered!!! Thank you all so much! I was touched. I just can't wait for Thursday!
We are so excited for Christmas! We are super excited because we will be caroling at two nursing homes and visiting lots of other people. I also can't wait to talk to you all!!!! I love you!!!! See you soon!!!!!! :) <3

Sister McGuire

Me and Sister Veater, my new companion! She is awesome!!! :)

We had drive through Philly on our way home from transfers! Here's the Philly skyline!!

This is a picture of Philadelphia City Hall. It is so cool! 

A famous mural on a wall!

Santa came through on a fire truck!!!

Sister Wilko is now in my district! At District Meeting we both wore the same outfit (totally NOT planned!)

This is a jug in the Medford apartment that all the missionaries sign. Check out who's name is at the bottom of the jug!!!! You'll have to ask Thom if that is the Elder Call that I think it is!

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