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Monday, December 15, 2014


Dear Family,

I have a surprise for you!!!! I am getting transferred! Again!
Surprised? Me too! They called us on Friday and told us that I was
leaving! It's crazy! Right now, Sister Oveson and Hermana Sturgess are
in Philly for their last day in the mission. I am in Middletown
Deleware with another Sister until transfer meeting tomorrow. I am
excited to see where I will go next! I will let you know next week
where I end up!
This week has been so full of miracles! The biggest one was Jack! He
is a man who has been meeting with missionaries for years! Actually,
most of his life. When I got here, he was having a rough time. He
didn't believe in God, he had no purpose in life, and he had given up.
This week, we felt inspired to teach him the word of wisdom. We were
pretty nervous, because that did not seem like something he would want
to hear about. But, we did it! During our lesson we finally found out
his real problem. His real problem is that he has been smoking for
over 50 years and he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to quit
smoking. We were able to encourage him and help him see that with God,
nothing is impossible. Then, we went back to see him a second time
this week. He had completely changed. He was happy. He was smiling! He
had hope! We talked about setting goals that will help him quit
smoking. We asked him what goal he wanted to set for himself. We were
excepting him to say, "not buy cigarettes" or "cut back by one each
day." Nope! Instead he said. "I want to get baptized"!!!!!!!! We
practically fell off the couch! When we finally scraped our jaw up off
the floor, we helped him set the goal of being baptized in June. It
was the best moment ever! Truly a Christmas miracle! This is what the
gospel of Jesus Christ does for people. It gives hope to those who
have given up. It brings light into the darkness. It helps us find
love and joy and happiness. That is how Jesus Christ can change your
Also, I have eaten so much food this week, I'm going to pop! I hope
you don't mind a daughter that looks like a balloon! The ward loves us
out here and everyone wanted to take us out to dinner or lunch all
week long! We had two or three dinner appointments every day! Haha!
I'm hoping that I go to an area that has a lot of walking, because I
have some work to do.... :)
On Thursday we drove up to Smyrna DE. I stayed the night there while
my companions went on to the mission home. They spent the night there,
and then they got to go to the Washington D.C. Temple the next day.
They loved it! They spent the entire day in the car! Haha! It was 3
hours to Broomall, then 3 hours to the temple, then 3 hours back to
Broomall, then 3 hours home. It was a long day! Luckily for me, I was
able to spend the day planning and studying and preparing to take over
the area..... But, then Friday they told me I was leaving! Woops! It
worked out good though, because now I can hand all of the plans to the
new missionaries who will come in to the area.
While I was in Smyrna, sister Zeller and I were having our morning
studies when we heard a knock on the door. Guess who it was? It was
the Jehovah's witnesses. Hahaha! It was kind of funny! They were very
kind and talked to us for a little while and then left. It was just so
weird to be on the other side of the door for once.
Anyway, I love you all and I am so excited to talk to y'all for
Christmas!!!!!!!! Have an awesome week!

Sister McGuire

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