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Monday, January 26, 2015

Snowed In!!! And Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

I have had an amazing week! Here's the Stories!
On Monday we went to Philly! It was so cool! We got to see the temple,
the Art Museum (Where the Rocky statue is), Love Park, Reading
Terminal Market, City Hall, Independence Hall, and Benjamin Franklin's
home. It was so fun! The craziest part was that we left at 10:30 a.m.
and got home at 5:30 p.m. It was a busy day!
Tuesday, we got back to work! We volunteered at the Alzheimer's
Association again. (we do it every Tuesday). We also saw a recent
Convert named and invited her to go to the temple! She is planning on
going to do the baptism for her daughter who passed away. We are so
excited! And she will probably be going soon! We also saw George on
Tuesday and had a great lesson with him. The Bishop's wife came with
us. She is so great and her testimony was incredible!
Wednesday was a crazy day! We got a call from the vehicle coordinator
who told us that the registration on our car was expired. So we packed
up and had to drive to Broomall for the day! It was great because we
got to spend a few hours with the Senior Couples that serve in the
office. They are the best!!!! We also got to go through the Sisters
bin, which is a place where we put clothes that we dont want anymore,
and we get to take things that we do like. I got two new skirts and I
love it! We made it home in time for our dinner appointment too!
Thursday we had district meeting. This week we talked about how to
Recognize the Spirit. I loved it! Chapter 4 of Preach my Gospel is all
about it! After that we went to visit a Less-Active woman in our ward.
This is the Second time we met with her. She is so sweet! While we
were talking to her she said that she had called her Sister-in-law,
Doris, and told her that we had come to see her. She said that Doris
wasn't a member and she had used to meet with the missionaries , but
they hadn't come by in a long time. We were excited to find out where
she lived so we could find out the missionaries who served there so we
could send them over. Then the sister told us that she lives right
here in Medford! In fact she lives less than half a mile from the
church! We were SO excited to go see this lady!
Friday, We went as fast as we could to Doris's house. Doris is an 86
year old lady who is actually a Cherokee Indian! She was so sweet! She
told us how much she had missed the missionaries and the Spirit that
they brought to her home. She told us that she wanted to start seeing
us again and that she wanted to start reading the Book of Mormon
again. We were so happy!!! It was like Christmas!
Saturday we did our weekly Planning.... That always takes a while, but
when we have good plans, we can be effective missionaries!
Sunday was awesome! Sister Veater and I both spoke in sacrament
meeting. We were able to share missionary experiences and talk about
the joy that comes from serving others. I realized just how much
happiness comes from the things that we do! Sometimes I wonder if what
I am doing is making a difference, but then I realized how much I have
changed and how much the people we work with change, just because we
were there to invite them to turn to our Savior. It's like in Matthew
16:25 (i think that's the verse), But the Lord promises that if we
lose our lives in His service, we will find the greatest life that
there is! That is Eternal Life! And one that is full of eternal joy
and satisfaction. True happiness is only found when we aren't thinking
about ourself.
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have another great week!!!

Sister McGuire

Sorry everyone, her pictures aren't in the right format, so I will post them later after I have worked it all out. Thanks!!

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