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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

All Kinds of Stories!!

Dear Family,

This week was great! Sister Maughan was sick for most of the week, but she was a trooper and we were still able to get a lot of work done!
Well, owing to my horribly skimpy emails over the last few weeks, I realized that I owe you guys some MAJOR stories! So, I jotted down as many as possible! Enjoy!
To start off with some funny stories....
First off we checked up on one of our investigators, Jane (which is NOT her real name), to see how her Book of Mormon reading is going. "It's going great!" she said. "Awesome! Where are you at?" We asked. " I'm in the Book of Gentiles!" Uhhhhhh........ okay...... "That's great! What's happening in the story right now?" We ask. "Oh, the Gentiles are about to fall, but then the Lord saves them." Great...... Here's your sign. Hahahahahaha! We laughed SO HARD when we got out of there!
Another story to keep you laughing. We texted Jane on Sunday to see if she would be coming to church. She texts us back and says, "Oh, I'm not going to be able to make it to day. I have allergies and I don't want anyone else to catch them." .............................Just let that sink in for a moment. Yeah. hahahahahahahahaha super great right?
One last funny story for the week. After church we wanted to stop by this same investigator's house to see how she was doing and to have a lesson with her. We have no idea what to tell this lady so we pray real hard before we knock on her door and then bravely stand before the door. I knock real loud and the door opens. There Jane stands before us in nothing but a leopard print lingerie. That covers nothing! It is like two sizes too small on her. Let me add, Jane is 5' 9" and weighs (no joke) 400 pounds!!! After my brain screams louder than a coaches whistle!! HOLY COW!!! Sister Maughan and I stand silent for a second. She speaks first and I'm pretty sure her voice went like three octaves higher than it really is. "Yeah, we were just checking in on you. Is there a time LATER this week that we can come by and visit you?" YIKES!!!! Hahahahaha! Oh, the memories! I hope you all got a good laugh out of that.
Now on to the Spiritual side of things......
Sister Maughan and I had felt impressed to go tract a certain neighborhood in our area. So, on Tuesday we finally made it over there. When we got there we saw an old lady trying mow her front lawn. She was really struggling. So, we ran up and asked her if we could help her mow. She just laughed at us and kept going. So, we offered to help again. She stopped and looked at us in shock. "You would really do something like that?" she asked. "Of Course!" we replied. She looked exhausted and desperate for any help at all. So, Sister Maughan sat and talked to her while I finished mowing the lawn in a dress! Dad, thank you so much for teaching me how to mow a lawn! The ladies name is Judy and she was so stunned that we would actually be willing to serve other people! We gave her a Book Of Mormon and testified that this was the reason why we find such great joy in serving. We have an appointment to see her this week again!
One miracle was seeing Sandy this week! Sandy is a less active that has no desire to come back to church. This week we had our usual appointment with her, but we decided to bring Sister Scafe with us. When we arrived Sandy started dancing, because she was so excited to see Sister Scafe!!!!! It turned out that they are old friends! They knew each other a while back and were so happy to see each other again. During the lesson, Sandy opened right up to us and told us that she has been struggling with her testimony of Joseph Smith and that's why she won't come back. Sister Scafe bore an amazing testimony of Joseph Smith and really invited Sandy to come back! She seems a little hesitant still, but we made huge progress! We are going back to see Sandy again this week with Sister Scafe. It really strengthened my testimony of taking members out with us to EVERY appointment, whether it's an investigator or not.
Another miracle came shortly after we had finished talking to our families last Sunday. We had scheduled time for finding new investigators. On our way to the place where we had planned to go Sister Maughan said that she felt impressed that we needed to go see Sister Rodriguez. She is a single mom with five young children. She lives way far from where we were, and I was concerned about spending the time to travel there and the miles on a trip to see her. But, I decided to trust my companions feelings and we went. We arrived with cookies for the kids and a Mother's Day card for her. We herded up the children into the living room and we sang primary songs together as a family. We convinced the kids to sing a Mothers Day song for their Mom. It came time to go and Sister Rodriguez burst into tears and told us that she had been feeling horrible about herself and thinking she was a bad mom and that everyone had forgotten about her. She said we were an answer to her prayers. I was blown away. I didn't think our short visit had made much of a difference, but Heavenly Father had known how badly she needed us. I'm just SO glad that we had decided to trust in the promptings we received and in the end, we were an answer to someone's prayer.
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!! Stay amazing!

Sister McGuire

This is the Chesapeake Bay!

We found wear the sidewalk ends!!

This is the Turkey Point Lighthouse in our area! Back in the 1700's It was a super important place that helped the American Troops during the Revolutionary war.

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