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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Down By the Bay!!!

Dear Family,

This week has been an adventure indeed!!!!!! I got transferred
to...... (Drum Roll please!)......... BAYVIEW MARYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!
Bayview is a great little place on the very North Tip of the
Chesapeake Bay! There's a lot of farms and small hills out here. My
apartment is across the street from the Delaware border and parts of
Pennsylvania is in our ward boundaries. This is the beginnings of
Amish country as well, so we have seen plenty of horse drawn buggies
in the last few days! Another fun fact is that I am right in between
Baltimore and Philly now! It's pretty exciting to be back in Maryland!
I'm loving it here already!
I'm also LOVING my new companion! Her name is Sister Maughan! She has
been out for 3 months now, but she is on fire! She is teaching me how
to do missionary work! She is from Mountain Home, Idaho. She is one of
7 kids, so she understands me! And she's an author and illustrator!
She has published one book so far, but has lots of plans to make many
more in the future!
Down to details,
On Tuesday, I finished saying goodbye to everyone and packed up my stuff to go.
On Wednesday we drove to transfer meeting, where I got my new
companion! There's an awesome couple in our ward that we rode with.
They have a 15 seater van and had driven most of the missionaries in
our Zone to Transfer Meeting. So, after the meeting, they took us to
lunch at five guys! It was awesome! The people at Five Guys almost
didn't know what to do with themselves when 8 Elders and 2 Sisters
walked in along with the Fletchers behind us. Hahaha! It was great!
Then, that night we went to the Girl's Camp kick-off with one of our
investigators. She is 13 and she is getting baptized in June! She
wants to go to camp, so we went with her to introduce her to more of
the other Young Women. It was a lot of fun!
On Thursday, we had district meeting. One of the Elders in our
district, named Elder Pule, is from New Zealand! It was crazy! I told
him that you guys were just there and I showed him the pictures you
sent me. He was pretty excited about that! I spent the rest of the day
getting to know more people.
The rest of the week was mostly just dedicated to meeting everyone and
getting to know the area. I loved it! I am excited and so happy to be
here in Bayview!
I can't wait to call you on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Sister McGuire

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  1. Sister Roesch and The group already missed you at our pizza party at Riv. Have fun and keep doing your thing. The Sisters here are teaching Catholic! Ciao!