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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Insane Serenity!

Dear Family,

It has been a busy week indeed! I love being a missionary and I LOVE
being able to see so many miracles everyday!
Tuesday we went to see Sister Doe. We haven't seen her for a while,
but she called and asked us to please come! So, of course we went over
first thing on the morning. It went really well, and she has missed us
so much that she wanted us to come back on Wed for dinner.
After our appointment with her, we left for Philly! We had a meeting
there for all the new missionaries and trainers. It was so cool,
because the meeting was held at the Chestnut building, which is right
in the heart of Philly, only a few miles from where the new temple is
going to be! The meeting was amazing and we learned so much from the
Assistants and from President and Sister Anderson. Unfortunately,
President had been caught in traffic, so our meeting started an hour
late! Which means the meeting ended TWO HOURS late! AHH!!! We were
panicking a bit because the meeting finally ended at 7:00. Then, we
started the long drive back to Bayview, calling and re-scheduling
every appointment we had planned for the night. Well, right as we were
leaving the center city..... my GPS died! And the charging cord was
fried, so it didnt work at all! I was totally lost in West Philly
without a GPS!!!!! YIKES!!!!!! So, at this point we are an hour late
for our dinner appointment, we were quickly running out of our
allotted miles for the month, and I had no idea where we were! We were
driving in the direction I thought we were supposed to be going, but
there's no mountains in Philly, so I had nothing to orient myself
with. SO, we locked the doors and said a little prayer and kept on
driving. Then, out of nowhere I saw a sign for a road that I vaguely
remember hearing about. So, we jumped on that road and prayed even
harder. It went on for a long time... I was starting to second guess
myself when...... The entrance for I-95 came up right in front of
me!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! We hopped on the Interstate and we were home
free!!!!! It was such a miracle!
The next day we went on exchanges. Sister Asi stayed in Bayview with
me for the day, while Sister Schettler went to Dover with Sister
Hepworth. Sister Asi and I went to contact a referral that we had
received for a lady named Carol. We shoed up at the address and
knocked on the door. Carol was home and let us in! Sweet! We went in
and the apartment was in shabby shape, but oh well! Missionaries dont
care about that! So, we sat down on the rather rough looking couch and
SIster Asi and I began sharing the Restoration. Well, I glanced down
at the couch and I started to notice little bugs all over..... I'm
sure its just flys....... Nope, they dont have wings...... Umm......
What are those things.......... Uh oh........... BED BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!
The entire couch and floor and everything was crawling with BED
BUGS!!!!!!! Now, I'm trying so hard to focus on what SIster Asi is
saying and not scream like a little girl! Basically, we wrapped up the
lesson about as fast as possible and practically bolted out the door.
We got out into the parking and brushed each other off. Sister Asi's
feet and shoes were covered with bugs and bites! It was so nasty! We
re-scheduled our next appointment and went to decontaminate ourselves.
So, we spent the rest of the afternoon washing ourselves and making
sure all of our clothes went through the dryer at least twice.
YIKES!!!!! Hahaha!! But, it was a great day!
Sunday was the best!!!! Our focus this week had been to invite
everyone to church, and SUnday was the day to see how well it went. We
ended up having 7 investigators come to church!!!!!!!!!!! That's more
than I have EVER had on my mission!!!!! It was so amazing to see them
all come out! And it was even MORE amazing to see the ward take care
of them! They were fellowshipped and friended so well! It was a
miracle! It was also exhausting! Haha! Sister Schettler and I went on
splits all through church because we were busy trying to get everyone
where they needed to go. But I was so grateful that they all came.
People can't change unless they choose to act! And I'm so glad that
they came to church!
So, It has been an adventurous, exciting, amazing week!!!! I wish I
had the time to write down all of my stories, but I guess I will have
to fill them in later. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Sister McGuire

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