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Monday, July 6, 2015

A Great Week!!

Dear Family,

I can hardly believe that another week has gone by! I can barely even remember what happened this week..... Hahaha!
A lot of our plans got thrown off this week because of the Holiday. A lot of people were out of town or had plans. So, one afternoon, everything fell through. We had the prompting to go visit a woman that we haven't seen in a while. I didn't really want to go, because she lives about 15 miles away (which is WAY too far for our limits). But, like 1 Nephi 3:7, we just go and do! So, we went and saw her. She was actually home (YES!) and she was so excited to see us! When we came inside she burst into tears and told us that she was about give up on trying to be good and in her moment of despair she had prayed that Heavenly Father would do something, anything, to show her that he cared. About 5 minutes later, we knocked on the door. WOW! It was so neat to find out that because we had followed that prompting, we ended up being an answer to her prayer!
We went to see another woman in our ward named Sally. She was baptized a year ago, but is now completely inactive. We had prepared a lesson to talk about the Atonement. We got there and about 5 minutes into the lesson we somehow got on the subject of temples (so random!). Sally looked at us and said, "I don't understand temples. What are they? What do you even do in the temple?" So, we explained about temple marriage, baptisms for the dead, sealings, and the other ordinances and covenants there. She was blown away! She had never heard of baptisms for the dead before and she was so intrigued by the concept. She said that she really wanted to do that, but she didn't feel like she would ever be worthy enough to go. We taught her that Heavenly Father wanted to go to the temple as soon as possible! And we could help her get there! So, now she wants to go! She committed to start coming back to church and to prepare to go to the temple! It was so cool!
Saturday we had a tri-ward Pancake Breakfast at the Stake Center. We invited tons of people and a lot of them came! It was an awesome event and it gave us a chance to meet many people! One of our recent converts even brought her whole (non-member) family with her! It was huge success! Plus, the pancakes and sausage were amazing too! Hahaha!
Then, we went to a barbeque with a part-member family. It was awesome because we were able to share a gospel message and the nonmember Mom asked for our number so that she could have us over again!!!!
Because of the 4th we were allowed to stay out until 10:00 to watch fireworks. So, we got to go with an awesome family in our ward to watch the fireworks! It was amazing! We had a good time! And we even met the member Family's neighbors as well!
To top off the amazing week, we had an awesome Sacrament Meeting yesterday. All of the testimonies were so sweet, and really helped me appreciate just how much Heavenly Father loves us. Then we got to teach Young Womens. It was my favorite! I love the Young Women.
All in all, it was a fantastic week! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Sister McGuire

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