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Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

Dear Family,

Happy Fourth of July this week!!!!! I am super excited to be spending
Independence Day in Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission!!!!!!!!! I am so
lucky to be so close to the birthplace of our nation AND the Capitol!
I read 3 Nephi 21:4 yesterday and it pretty much sums it up! I'm so
grateful that we live in a free country!
Also, Congrats to Bradley and Sharlee!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!
Now for the stories! Wow, it has been a FULL week!
It started off with Mission Tour on Tuesday. Elder Kacher (of the 70)
and his wife came to visit! We learned about how we can better work
with the Ward council to find people to teach! We also talked about
overcoming negative mind sets. It was an amazing conference!
Wednesday, we saw Kate again! She is reading the Book of Mormon and
she is progressing so well!!!! She is so excited to be baptized! We
asked her why she had accepted the invitation to be baptized so
quickly and she said, "Well, I was kind of shocked when you asked me,
but then I had this warm feeling come over me, and in that moment I
knew the church was true and that everything you guys were telling me
was right. So, choosing to be baptized was obvious." Wow!!!!!!! We
were so excited to see that she was SO PREPARED to hear the gospel!
On Thursday we saw the Blankley family. They are a family we met a
couple weeks ago. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and they
were so interested and excited about it. We invited them to be
baptized, and they all said yes!!!!! Except for Josh, the Mom's
boyfriend. (but we will get him next!) They are all reading the Book
of Mormon together now and we are so excited to keep working with
Right after that appointment we met a young couple. They invited us in
and we talked about what we do as missionaries. Dave said that he was
looking for more faith in his life. He wants to believe in God, but
has a hard time trusting what he can't see. We told him that we as
missionaries help people build their faith in God and prepare to make
covenants, like baptism. He said, " yeah! I want to get baptized! I
want to believe in God enough that I want that!" Wow!!!!! We were
blown away! Ahhhhh!!!! So many miracles! We are excited to go back and
see them again this week.
On Friday we had dinner with Shotgun and Penny and they threw me a
belated Birthday Party! It was great! They had cake and
everything!!!!!! They are so sweet! It made my day!
Sunday was amazing! Kate came to church! And she loved it! She was
also able to witness the baptism of an 8 year old boy in our Ward. It
only made her more excited for her baptism!
We also had a girl show up to church. She had never come before and
she was told us that her co-worker in New Jersey is Mormon and he had
told her to check out the church! So, I asked her what her co-workers
name was. It turns out that it was a man in the MEDFORD
WARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone that I know super well! It was so
crazy!!!!!! We set up a time to meet with her and we can't wait!!!!!
So many miracles are happening here in Bayview! I am so blessed to be
here! I know that so many blessings come from being obedient! Mosiah
2:41! It's the best!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
Have a fantastic SAFE and amazing Holiday!!!!!!!

Sister McGuire

Shotgun and Penny threw me a late Birthday Party!!

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