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Monday, June 8, 2015


Dear Family,

Wow! What a week! We were even busier this week than normal. I don't
even know how that is possible, but it happened! Yikes! Hahaha! I had
keep checking to make sure I didnt lose my companion while we were
traveling faster than the speed of light!
It started on Monday, we got a call from President Stevenson saying
that we were okay to move in to the new apartment! So, we packed
everything up and called the Elder's Quorum and we were all set to go
for Tuesday afternoon to move. Then, we came to our new apartment to
check in and get the keys and they said that they hadnt received the
check in the mail from the mission office yet, and they couldnt let us
move in until they had it. :( So, we called off the troops, but we had
packed everything up already! Hahaha!
Tuesday we did our best to live out of boxes. Hahaha! We couldn't find
anything! But it didnt matter anyway. We went to see the Gregson's
again. We were finally able to teach them the whole plan of Salvation.
They loved it! They told us that their niece had even gone to church
last week, but when she showed up no one was there!!!! It was stake
conference last week!!!! Oh man!!!!! We were so bummed! But, we're so
glad that put forth the effort to get herself there!
On Wednesday we got to see Alli, the 13 year old girl we are teaching.
She was scheduled to be baptised yesterday. Since we have been
teaching her at a members house, we've never met her family.Everytime
we've tried to talk to them or schedule something Alli said that
something came up. But, she told us that her parents had given their
permission for her to learn and to be baptized. So, we gave her a
paper that her parents could sign giving their permission for her to
be baptized. But, something was off. Brother Ellery (The
fellowshipper) decided to take an invitation to Alyssa's Dad
personally. When he got there, he gave her Dad the invite. And he
found out that Alli hadn't told him about her baptism at all....... Uh
oh..... But, her Dad said that he would be willing to meet with us to
learn more about what Alli is so interested in. So, we called her Dad
yesterday and we are going to meet him this week. Pray for us! We
really hope it goes well!
On Thursday we had the most amazing Zone Training I have ever been
to!!!!! It was incredible and exactly what I needed! Our Elder Weisler
talked about true love. The kind of love that the Savior has for
everyone, and how we can feel that love for the people we serve. It
was really inspiring.
After that we met a less-Active woman and her non-member daughter.
They invited us right in and talked to us for about an hour! Holy Cow!
They love the church! And missionaries! Well, this woman's Visiting
Teacher (Bless her sweet soul) had reached out and offered to pick her
and her daughter up for Stake Conference last week. It turns out that
her daughter had always thought our church was a cult. But last week
when she came to Stake Conference, she said that she realized that we
were all just normal people and we just want to be good people. Now
she wants to come to church and she wants to start meeting with
us!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! And she is bringing her Mom right
along with her!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so humbling and amazing to see that it
just takes one small experience with the Spirit to get someone to have
a desire to do amazing things! And THIS IS THE POWER OF VISITING AND
On Friday we met this sweet old lady named Emma Jane. She was out
working in the yard and we stopped and offered to help. She was
shocked that we would even offer. It just so happened that we had our
service clothes in the car, so we changed real quick amd helped her
weed and mow the lawn. She was so amazed! It was so cute! When we were
done, she adopted us and told us to call her our East Coast Grandma!
Hahaha! I'm finding my extended family out here apparently! Hahaha!
that night, we finally got the call saying the check had arrived and
we really could move in that night! So, our ward pulled together and
showed up! They had us completely moved in 2 hours! WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?
It was awesome! We are so grateful for those amazing people! It would
have taken us days if it had just been Sister Maughan and I.
Still that same day, we got transfer calls...................... Dun
dun DUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Maughan is being transferred and
I am STAYING IN BAYVIEW!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy to be staying! But, I'm
so sad to see Sister Maughan go!!! :( UGH! I will miss her so dang
much! Man, I can't believe I'm getting another companion! Yikes! I've
had 8 companions aleady! And I have come to love them all! I don't
want to keep trading! Hahaha! But, I know that the Lord is in charge,
and I will have a new best friend on Wednesday.
On Saturday the Relief Society came out and helped us clean our old
apartment so that we could check out. They were awesome! This ward is
so great!
So, that was my week! I hope you guys all have a super fun FIRST FULL
WEEK OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


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The Wilmington-Delaware Zone!!

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