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Monday, June 1, 2015

June Already?????

Dear Family,

Wow, That week went fast! Hahaha! I feel like I can hardly keep up! Time keeps disappearing!
WIth school winding down, missionary work is picking up! (If that's even possible!) As a past District Leader of mine said, Summer is the season of missionary work. And boy are we feeling it!
This week we had so many things happen that I don't even know where to begin!
We met a man named Bill this week. He is blind, but he is so nice! He told us about his personal beliefs. He doesn't drink alcohol, coffee or tea, and he doesn't smoke! He believes that girls should be modest and that you can't just go to church on Sunday, you have to work hard all week! I told him that's he's Mormon and he doesn't even know it! He just laughed. We are going back to see him next week!
On Wednesday morning we got a call asking us to teach the mission prep class that night. We pulled together a lesson about Recognizing the Holy Ghost and following its promptings. It turned out so well! We had 5 youth and 3 leaders there. We were definitely led by the SPirit, because it turned out great!
On Thursday, we went to Rita's. It was awesome! Life is always better with a Mango Gelati! I heard that there's one in Lehi now! You guys should go! It will change your life forever!
We also helped one of our investigators clean her house! It was so great! Because that was the first time she let us come over. We've always been meeting her at the church, but now we were able to go to her house! And she's a lot more open to talking with us! She has no religious background at all, but she has been coming to church faithfully for about a month now! She has a lot of things that she needs to resolve before she can get baptized, but we are helping her get there.
Saturday was our Ward Barbeque at a local park. It was so fun! It reminded me of the old 45th Ward Bubble days! Hahaha! So fun! It was also awesome, because everybody brought their non-member friends and family! We made a lot of contacts out of that, but unfortunately, they all live in the Elder's half of the ward boundaries! That's okay though! We are all on the same team out here!
That night we had the Adult session of our Stake Conference. President Anderson was there and he was able to share his testimony. Elder Gay and Elder Sinclair of the 70 were visiting our conference as well. It was an amazing session! They talked about the sacred experience it is to take the sacrament.
Sunday morning we had Stake Conference again and all 3 of our Recent Converts came! It was awesome! Then, they called a new Stake Presidency for our Stake! President John and his counselors were released and they called President Jordan to be the new Stake President of the Wilmington Delaware Stake. It reminded me of when Dad was called to be the Stake President! That was a weekend I will never forget.
To top off the week We were able to go to a baptism for an 8-year old boy in our ward. His Mom has been Less-Active for most of her life and has recently come back to the church. His baptism was amazing! It was so special because we have worked with them a lot, and it all went so well!
So, It was an amazing week! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!! Stay fantastic! Have a fabulous last week of school!

Sister McGuire

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