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Monday, March 30, 2015

A Great Week!! With Pictures!!

Dear Family,

First off, I have to apologize again for sending a short email. The Cherry Hill Sisters have had troubles with their car so we spent most of today driving them around to get it fixed.
So, here's the highlights!
Women's Conference was amazing!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!! We had 3 Non-members come and 2 recent converts there! And everyone loved it! It was an amazing and inspired evening. It only makes me more excited for conference this week!
Miracle for the week. We got a media for referral and it led to a catholic church in our area. We thought it was a prank. We were about to drop him, when we realized that there was a phone number with it. We decided to call it, thinking that it would be a bad number. To our surprise, the man answered! He knew exactly who we are and he is super interested in learning more about the church! We set up an appointment to meet him this week! It was so unexpected and so exciting!
We are also excited because of the new Easter video the Chruch released! Because He Lives. If you haven't seen it yet, you NEED TO NOW! It's amazing! It will change hearts.
I wish you all a Happy Easter!
Have so much fun with Bradley this week! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Sister McGuire

"Purina Lion Chow. I'll be." :)

Tasty Kakes! New Jersey's version of Hostess!

Coloring Easter Eggs!!

Sister Johnstone and I working our eggs!

Sister Roesch loves Orange!

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