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Monday, March 2, 2015

It's March!!

Dear Family,

Once again, time has flown by! Is it really March? Wow!
I'm so sorry to hear about Gus! That really broke my heart. He was a good dog. I bet he's on a field in heaven right now chasing sheep around. :)
This week didn't exactly go as planned, but it turned out pretty awesome anyway!
On Wednesday, all of our appointments fell through..... Not just one, but all of them. Since we had time, we were able to go a visit a widow in the ward. She has been feeling very sick and hasn't been able to even get out of bed in a long time, let alone clean her house. We spent a good portion of the day helping her clean. Then we showed up to mutual that night, only to find out that it was being held at a members house 30 minutes from the church. Hahaha! Love it! But, because we had the time we were able to visit some people that we have really been needing to see.
Thursday we had an awesome district meeting! We talked about studying and preparing for lessons. We also talked about focusing on the needs of the investigator. It was great!
Friday we were able to see so many people that it made up for the other days! We were so busy! We saw many of our recent converts. One in particular that we visited is an amazing lady from Sierra Lione. She has the biggest testimony, but she has been struggling to come to church, because of her job. We showed her the Mormon Message of Dare to Stand Alone about Pres Monson. She told us that she really need to stand up for her beliefs. She was able to talk to her boss, and they are now letting her leave work and come to sacrament meeting! We were so happy that she can at least come and partake of the sacrament with us! ANd she came to church on SUnday! It was so great to see her!
Saturday we had another miracle. We had more appointments cancel, again. But we had this feeling that we needed to go and visited a less-active woman in our ward. On our way over to her house we saw a lady shoveling her sidewalk. Sister Roesch said that we should stop and help her. So, we pulled over and pulled our two shovels out of the back of the car and we helped her shovel. It really made a difference for her. It was amazing!
I really liked this quote from Relief Society this week. "Men and women who turn their lives over to God will find out that he can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace. Whoever will lose his life to God will find he has eternal life” Spencer w. Kimball.
I love you all! Have a grand week!

Sister McGuire

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