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Monday, March 9, 2015

Miracles Upon Miracles!!!

Dear Family,

This week seems like it flew past! So much happened that I can hardly
keep track of it. So, here's the stories!
On Tuesday we got our new iPads and so begins a new era of
technologically advanced missionary work. We received amazing training
on how to use them and what their purpose is as a part of our work.
These tools are an amazing help to us, and I learned so much this week
that I wish I had known 8 months ago when I first got my iPad. It is a
blessing and I am so excited to implement it even better into our
On Wednesday is rained all day and on Thursday we got the blizzard of
the season. We got 8 inches of snow! It started early in the morning
and didn't stop until after dark. We thought it would never end! Haha!
But, it turned out to be one of the hugest blessings! Our area hasn't
been progressing much lately. We have really been struggling to find
people to talk to, and this snow storm was perfect for us. We went out
at about 3:00 on Thursday afternoon and started walking around our
neighborhood and helped dig people out of the snow. We shoveled and
talked to people for hours! One lady even made us soup for dinner! And
now we have at least four people who we will be following up with this
Friday was much of the same. We were able to drive our cars again, so
we took our shovels with us and stopped at every house that needed
help. We met even more people that day! We met a man who didn't really
want to talk to us at first. But, eventually he told us about all of
the family members that he has lost in his life. He was so sad about
it. So, we shared a brief message about the Plan of Salvation and how
we can live with our families forever if we obey God's commandments.
It really touched him and he said that we could come back next week to
share more of that message with him. I am just so excited for all of
the things that are happening! Miracles truly come when we work hard!
Saturday we got a call from a Hispanic lady we had never met before.
It turned out that she is a member that lives in our ward boundaries,
but she attends the Camden Spanish Ward. She had us over for dinner
and had brought her friend over as well. It was so great to talk to
them! Their English wasn't very good, so we were talking in Spanish
for most of the night. It was so fun! I just felt bad for Sister
Roesch... She seemed a little lost, because she doesn't know any
Spanish. Haha! But I loved being able to speak it again.
Yesterday was more miracles! We stopped by a less active lady and we
ended up sharing a message with her that really changed her outlook on
the trials that she's going through right now. Then, we went out
finding. We met a guy named Michael and his wife Sheila. We knocked on
the door and they invited us right in. They gave us water and soda
bread and we ended up talking to them for about an hour! They are
really involved in their religion, but they talked about how much they
appreciated what we are doing. They told us their stories of how they
found their faith and we told them ours. We talked about family
history work and many other things. It was amazing! They want us to
come back this week and see them again! Wahoooooo!!!!!!!! Sister
Roesch and I got in the car and started spazzing out! They are amazing
and they are so Mormon, they don't even know it yet!
I love you all! The Church is true! The Book is Blue! And Heavenly
Father loves you!
Have a great week!

Sister McGuire

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